From Silicon Valley to Social Business…

We love sharing our beautiful products with you. But that’s not our main goal. Our goal is to set the new standard for the way we buy, consume and live our lives. Sounds ambitious? It is. But we have to act now, otherwise, there will be no future for humanity. Via our eco-positive and fairtrade products, we want to inspire you to make conscious decisions and to live an Eco-Positive life.

Why I started Plant Ahead

When growing up, animals were a part of our family. We had pets at home and my mom also took care of many other animals in our neighborhood when they were in need of help. It never felt right to also eat animals, but that was ‘normal” and “good” for you. Thank god I know better now.

On 01-01-2013 I changed my life forever. I stopped eating meat and slowly started to eliminate all other animal products from my diet. Animals were the number one reason for me to go vegan. They are a part of our planet, just like we are, and they just want a happy life, just like we do.

But there are more reasons for me to live a plant-based life: my own health and the future of our planet.

Many studies show that eating meat and other animal products are directly linked to diseases and that vegetarians and vegans on average live longer. Personally, I’ve never felt better physically and mentally since I started to eat vegan.

Creating a sustainable planet has always been important to me. When working for Tesla, I was helping to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport. During that time, I also learned that the meat industry produces more CO2 emissions than all transport combined! Getting more electric cars on the road is very important but also takes a lot of time. Making a change to our diet is something that we can all start doing TODAY and will have an even bigger IMPACT.

One thing is clear: a better world begins on our plate. By eating less meat and other animal products we can solve many problems. But it doesn’t stop there. Once I started to become conscious of what is on my plate, I become more conscious of how all the things I do and I buy can have a positive or negative impact.

I quit my job and decided to chase my own dream; build my own company from scratch and more importantly, from the heart.

Plant Ahead’s mission

Our mission is to help build an Eco-Positive future for everyone: people, animals, and our planet. That’s why we sell eco-positive products and help others to live an Eco-Positive life via talks and workshops.

Eco-Positive & Fairtrade products

Our products set the new standard for the way we produce and consume. All products are 100% plant-based, made from eco-friendly natural materials and they are produced in an ethical way only. Because we believe that’s the only right way.

Talks & Workshops

We offer interactive talks and workshops. As Western consumers, we have much more impact on our planet than we think. Many people want to live more sustainably but where to start? And how to make the biggest impact? We’ll show how to measure your impact and make your own plan for an Eco-Positive life. You will help to save our beautiful planet and you will enrich your own life in many ways.

Let’s Plant Ahead.

Plant Ahead Founder Miriam Melchers

Miriam Melchers
Founder Plant Ahead & Eco-Positive Speaker