Talk + Workshop: Make your plan for an Eco-Positive life

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about sustainability. “Use less plastic”, “Drive a Tesla”, “Stop eating meat”. This leads to a lot of confusion. Some people have no idea where to start, others think they are doing a great job by eating less meat, while they easily fly around the world.

What is your impact on the planet? Have you also taken your hidden impact into consideration? What can you do to reduce your impact? And what could you do to live an eco-positive life?

During the talk “The Hidden Impact”, I will give you insight into what we mean with impact and hidden impact on the climate, nature, and environment. Because only if you map out your complete impact, you can effectively make your daily life more sustainable. I will show you examples and tell you about my personal approach.

After the talk, we will get to work and calculate your impact and brainstorm about solutions to make conscious and better choices in the future.

You will go home with lots of inspiration and your own plan to live an Eco-Positive life!

I’d love to team up with you to organize a talk or workshop for groups of 10 people or more. I work with both consumers and companies who want to increase their positive impact.

Talk + Workshop takes about 2 hours, but we can coordinate this depending on the available time. It’s also possible to only host a Talk.

The workshop takes place at the client’s location. Small groups are also very welcome at our location in Amsterdam.

More info or a quotation?
Send an email to [email protected]

About the speaker

  • 10+ years of international experience; specialized in marketing, communication, and social media. Lived and worked in Amsterdam, London, and Silicon Valley.
  • Worked 3 years as Global Social Lead at Tesla in California. Responsible for the social media strategy and all communication regarding product launches; Autopilot, Model X, Model 3, Powerwall and Solar Roof.  Achieved exponential growth in community, engagement, and leads.
  • Social entrepreneur / Founder Plant Ahead.
  • Certified speaker / Trainer of the Hidden Impact.